Why evangelize Jews?

As a Gentile Christian, it is my sincere belief that the Jews are God's chosen people, even in an age when Jesus the Messiah has made salvation available to people of all nations. Jesus was born a Jew, chose Jews to be his disciples, and focused his ministry on Jews. Likewise, the early church originally had a Jewish majority and reached out to Jews first; most notably, the apostle Paul, who was called to evangelize Gentiles, went first to the Jewish people in any community he visited. I therefore believe that God desires for me (and other Christians) to reach out specifically to the Jewish nation.

The Christian church has unfortunately caused a great deal of harm to Jews throughout its history. As I was not personally involved in these acts and am not a spokesperson for any part of the church, I'm not in a position to apologize for these acts, but I do want to express my condemnation of anti-Semitism and regret for the hurt it has caused.

Some regard Christian outreach to Jews as yet another act of anti-Semitism. However, I believe the idea that Christians ought to "leave Jews alone" because they don't need to accept Jesus as their Messiah and Lord is ultimately anti-Semitic. Jews, like all of us, are people who need God and are imperfect people who need the forgiveness Jesus provided. Telling believers in Judaism that they don't need Jesus keeps them far away from the God who loves them and prevents them from spending eternity with him; there is no greater harm that one can do to someone than that.

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