Copyist Errors

Some points on the subject of copyist errors in the Bible from the Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics by Norman Geisler:

Some of my thoughts:

People have asked, "Why didn't God inspire the copyists as well, and enable us to have inerrant Bibles today?" If God intended to protect the transmission of Scripture from error, this implies he would have to prevent deliberate errors as well as honest mistakes. People would be unable to produce any deviant copies of Scripture - this would soon be noticed and remarked on, and others who heard the rumor would try it out for themselves and find that they were somehow unable to produce a copy of Scripture that deviated in any way from the original. This would be tantamount to providing proof of God and the veracity of Scripture - but providing proof instead of evidence is something that God has decided not to do. (See the article on Why doesn't God prove his existence?) It may also be that God simply decided to give humans the responsibility of copying and translating the Bible, just as he gave us the responsibility of telling others about Christ.

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